Pretzel & Cracker Mix

This mix will satisfy all your salty snack cravings! Great addition to your next cheese platter display!

Pretzel Thins

These Pretzel thins will pair perfectly with hummus! Great healthy snack for when you’re on the go!

Mini Pretzels

Mini Pretzels - a perfect sized snack for young and old!

Party Mix

Bring the party anywhere!

Corn Chips

A classic that the whole family can enjoy!

Cheese Sticks

Our cheese puffs are always baked never fried and full of cheesy goodness!

Sour cream and onion

An extruded snack that is always baked not fried with a generous flavor of Sour cream and onion. You can’t have just one.

Corn Puffs

An extruded puff snack that has that classic taste ! Always baked never fried!

Salt and Vinegar Sticks

Our Salt & Vinegar sticks are the perfect amount of tangy! Always baked never fried!

BBQ Sticks

Our BBQ stick are always baked and never fried full of that bold BBQ flavor!

Nacho Cheese

These nacho cheese snacks are going to blow your mind! Full of that addicting cheesy flavor!

BBQ Corn Chips

These BBQ corn chips are crispy and full of bold BBQ flavor!